IV Sedation Services

Dr. McGaw and his Registered Nurse are able to provide Multiple Drug IV sedation services to clinics in British Columbia.  The benefits of sedation dentistry can often mean less chair time and expedited healing time of wisdom teeth extractions or full mouth clearances.

As a dentist, you’ve worked hard to gain a patient’s trust and with in-house IV Sedation services, you can build upon that trust knowing they are in good hands in your clinic.

With all the medical equipment necessary to provide a safe environment to give anxious or severe gag reflex patients a more comfortable experience, in-house IV is an option for clinics interested in occasional days that benefit their patients, and their practice.

Dr. McGaw provides all medical supplies and surgical trays for extractions and will bring his own assistant if necessary.

If you’re interested in exploring In-house IV Sedation Services for your practice, please email [email protected]